Black Opinions in White Society

Periodically I read Black American discussion boards on various race topics, and I often wonder to what degree Black people’s opinions are influenced by the fact they’re growing up in a white supremacist country.

When people criticized Quentin Tarantino for using “nig**r” over 100 times in “Django Unchained,” he said that the use and frequency of the slur were authentic given the time period.  Some of his most vocal defenders were Black people.  Perhaps what many Black fans don’t take into account is how grossly differently Tarantino treats Black and white viewers.  When it comes to race, he largely spares the feelings of white viewers by not subjecting them to Blacks voicing anti-white insults.  In contrast, Tarantino bombards Black viewers with “nig**r” in most of his films.  If Blacks do consider this, they don’t seem to hold it against him.  Why is that?

And some Black fans defend his inclusion of the slur.  In a manner of speaking, this is akin to Blacks defending the right of a white man and the white film industry to continue to demean their race.  Have some Blacks been so brain-washed that they not only accept this abuse, they co-sign it and attempt to persuade other Blacks not to take issue with it?

I’ve wondered about this for a long time, but more recently after I posted comments on “Django Unchained” discussion boards.  I criticized Tarantino for his “nig**r” obsession and a few Blacks criticized me for finding fault with him.  Their reaction reminded me of comments Carter G. Woodson’s made about mind control.  He said if a man, conditioned to only enter people’s homes through the back door, encounters a house that doesn’t have one, he’ll build a back door just so that he can enter. Have some Blacks grown so accustomed to being racially maligned that they even impose it upon themselves?


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