Rap, Hip Hop and “Killa Nig*a” Part 2

sorry if you received this twice.

This might not be news to most, but I didn’t realize the degree to which the directive “killa nig*r” or some variation of that, appears in rap music.  I still don’t.  I provide two rap songs as examples of this dangerous practice, below.  For the most part, I paraphrase and condensed the lyrics unless otherwise indicated. But first here’s a letter that an organization might send to some of these rappers one day:

Dear Killa-Nig*a-Type Black Rappers:

Isn’t it odd that our groups have something in common?  We both view Blacks as “nig**rs” which is akin to seeing them as dispensable subhumans, particularly Black males.  As you probably know, our organization has a long history of ending the lives of nig**rs in a variety of creative ways.

We listen to a lot of rap music and judging from your lyrics we’re on the same page. For this reason, we are awarding you honorary memberships in appreciation for the wonderful “Killa Nig*a Campaign” you mounted years ago. It certainly helps further our cause.  Your lyrics condition people to not only devalue Black lives, particularly Black males, but to end those lives as well. And millions of fans enjoy your music so much that they spend a lot of time listening to it and thereby indoctrinating themselves.  What’s learned with pleasure is learned full measure.  Thanks for lightening our workload. Keep up the good work!

Warm Regards,

KKK Grand Wizard

P.S. We blast your music at all of our meetings and many of our members play it in the background when they drive their pick-up trucks over “nig**rs.”  Thanks again.



Project Pat – “Break Da Law 2001”

  • I’m kicking in doors “put a nigga on his ass,” if he talks trash I’ll put him in a body bag….
  • I’m not playing with you fool. If you get an attitude watch me use my tool.
  • I lock and load and let it loose (blood). Shove the gun down your throat you’ll inhale bullets like they’re smoke.
  • I’m gonna kill “you bitches” and leave a sunroof in your head.
  • Anyone of you niggas want some? I’ll blow their ass off with a double barrell shotgun.
  • It’s that nigga from the project “ready man to kill a ho.”
  • Put that thing to your head squeeze the trigger let it blow.

Young Buck – “Kill Me A Nig*a” (This chorus is sung 3x)

  • I’m not from around here nig*a, “but you can bet.”
  • I got a group of killers with me, “I got scraps on deck.”
  • “And I feel like” I’m gonna kill a nig*a.
  • “I feel like” I’m gonna kill a nig*a.
  • You think you’re gonna rob me? Who?
  • “And I just might” kill a nig*a.
  • “I think I might” kill a nig*a)

I will continue this series in a few days.  Will inform you of the date one day in advance.  THANKS FOR VISITING. In the immortal words of James Brown, “Please, Please, Please, Please” leave comments.


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