Rap, Hip Hop and “Killa Nig*a”

Dear Subscribers,

Twice yesterday I attempted to send you my post, “The Biased Presentation of a Racial Bias Special Part 3.”  The post didn’t appear to successfully reach you either time.  Please take a look at this post.  It shows how Black children who weren’t biased against Black skin received little or no airtime during this TV Special. 

I’m not from the Rap and Hip Hop generation.  I’m from the Patty LaBelle and Teddy Pendergrass music era, although I do listen to Rap and Hip Hop on rare occasions.  Recently I saw the lyrics of a rap song that included the phrase “killa nig*a” at least fifteen times in a row.  It’s a dangerous, dangerous suggestive mantra.  I started looking at other songs that contained this fatal directive and at the artists and their record labels as well. I’m still doing the research on this and will post it tomorrow.


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