The Biased Presentation of a Racial Bias Special Part 1

In the 1940s Black psychologists Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie designed a “Doll Test” to study how segregation was impacting Black children.  Their findings revealed that when Black children were presented with a Black and a white doll they overwhelmingly chose the white doll as the one they wanted to play with.  When the kids were asked to select the “good” doll or the “pretty” doll, the majority chose the white dolls and held up the Black dolls as being “bad” or “ugly.”  This study was instrumental in the 1954 Supreme Court’s decision to desegregate schools, Brown vs Board of Education.

A few years ago CNN hired a team of Black and white psychologists to conduct a similar Doll Test on “Black and white” children almost 60 years later.   What I discovered was a racially biased presentation of racial bias. The Special was an AC360 program titled, “Black or White: Kids on Race.”  I didn’t have sufficient time today to do this subject justice but I will do so tomorrow.  Please come back.


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