Browneyedspin Archive Retrospective

Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog.  I’m taking the day off. Please check out some of my earlier posts.  I will resume tomorrow.

Dec 30       N-Word & Racial Double Standard in Films

Dec 31       Free Slaves, Black Codes and Good Masters

Jan 1         What Frederick Douglass Failed to Realize About His Mother

Jan 2        Slave Ingenuity

Jan 3       “N-word” vs “Slave,” The Media’s Biased Coverage of Huck Finn  Part 1

Jan 4       Huckleberry Finn and a Visceral Exercise – A New Approach

Jan 5       “N-word” vs “Slave,” The Media’s Biased Coverage of Huck Finn  Part 2

Jan 6       Let’s Just Focus on Love

Jan 7       Buxton, Iowa, an Integrated Town in the 1900s

Jan 8       Post Racial America, We’re Not There Yet

Jan 9        In Praise of Our Global Community

Jan 10      Black Children, Black Bias Conditioning

Jan 11       Associated Press Spells Black With Small “b”

Jan 12       Black Girls Diminished in Films

Jan 13       Biddy Mason Black Philanthropist Pre-1900s

Jan 14       Nicole Kidman Refused to Say “N***er” in Film

Jan 15      “The Danger of a Single Story”

Jan 16       Jonathan Kozol Social Justice Champion

Jan 17       Browneyedspin Archive Retrospective

Jan 18       “The Prince of Tides” and Hurt Feelings

Jan 19        Georgia Douglass Johnson Love Poem

Jan 20        Little-Known Facts About Dr. King


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