Post Racial America, We’re Not There Yet

The following news briefs are  examples of how prevalent Black hate crimes and racism are in the USA.  Most of the briefs are also examples of how we’ve grown as a nation.   At one time whites were allowed to get away with cross burnings, racially motivated murders and various forms of racial hatred.  Today a lot more perpetrators are arrested and serve time in jail or prison.  I’m aware there is still a lot of racial injustice and miscarriage of justice, and I’m also cognizant that Blacks commit brutal hate crimes against whites and others. This post, however, is intended to acknowledge the fruit of Black activists, their white allies and others who fought and risked their lives to make America honor “and justice for all” in and out of the courts.

Hate Crime Murder in Mississippi 

In the summer of 2011 a group of young white men began randomly harassing Blacks, throwing glass beer bottles at them and hitting Blacks with ball bearings launched from a sling shot.   Two truck loads of these white men robbed and severely beat James Anderson, a Black man, and 19-year-old Deryl Dedmon ran over him with his truck.  Anderson died on the scene that night.   Dedmon and his crew were arrested and he received two life sentences for murder.  On Dec 22 2012 other co-conspirators pleaded guilty to federal hate crime and conspiracy charges.  They will be sentenced in federal court later.

 Oklahoma Men Go On Shooting Spree

April 8, 2012 Two white men went on a shooting spree killing and wounding Blacks in a predominantly Black area of Tulsa.  Three people were killed and two were injured.  Jake England 19 and Alvin Watts 32 were arrested and charged with first degree murder in what authorities say appear to be a racially motivated crime. On Friday January 4, prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty.

Racists Run Black Family Out of Orange County, CA

In May 2011 a Black family moved to Yorba Linda, a predominantly white area in California.  More than a year later they were driven out of their home by racists who broke their windows with rocks late at night, slashed eight tires on both cars, and threw acid pellets at the Black man as he pulled into his driveway.  Yorba Linda is only one percent Black.  The Orange County Human Relations Commission has fielded 19 similar reports this year.

Cross Burning In Minnesota

On May 25, 2012 a Bemidji woman discovered a large cross burning in her yard.   The victim was a white widow of a Black man and the mother of two adult bi-racial daughters.  Ryan Andree, age 19, and Derek Barnes 20, were arrested on June 6 for the crime.  Barnes was charged with felony stalking and the aggravated violation of committing a bias crime.  He was sentenced to 21 months in prison but must serve 177 days in jail.  Andree was charged with aiding and abetting him.

Men Sentenced for Cross Burning in Arkansas

Three young white men, Curtis Coffee 19, Bradly Branscum 23 and Tony Branscum 26 were arrested and charged with burning a cross on the lawn of a Black resident of Salado, Arkansas in August of 2010.   On January 20, 2012 Bradly and Tony were sentenced to 18 months in prison and Curtis seven months in prison.  The crime prompted a joint investigation of the FBI and the sheriff’s office.

Here’s just one example of a long list of systemic racism.  It’s still very much alive.

 Wells Fargo Agrees to Pays $175 Million In Discrimination Case 

A government investigation uncovered 34,000 instances where Wells Fargo charged Blacks and Hispanics higher mortgage fees and rates compared to whites with similar credit profiles.  In at least 4,000 of those cases Wells Fargo steered minorities into subprime mortgages despite the fact they qualified for cheaper loans.   This impacted mortgage holders in 34 states including DC.   (Taken from an article that appeared July 14, 2012)


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