Let’s Just Focus on Love

A few years ago I saw a couple who appeared to be in their late 70s strolling side by side down the street.  The woman was pushing a small shopping cart when suddenly the man put his hand on top of hers and stopped the cart from rolling.  He then placed a hand on each of her checks, briefly studied her face and kissed her on the lips. His need to kiss her was so urgent he couldn’t wait until they returned home or even take one more step. She smiled at him and they continued on their way.  She was pleased but didn’t appear to be surprised.  Perhaps this was their norm.  I wondered how she treated him to inspire such impromptu public passion.  What was their history?

I read a letter a nurse wrote about a man whose wife was a long-time resident in a nursing home.  The nurse recounted how the husband faithfully visited his wife of many years every day even though dementia had wiped her memory clean of him.  From time to time the nurse would see him sitting in his car, smoothing down the few strands left on his head and straightening his tie so that on the off-chance his wife did recognize him, he’d look good for her.  The husband would feed his wife, comb her hair and they’d go for walks arm in arm. They’d even talk although most of what she said was non-sensical.   It didn’t deter him.  His devotion for her was unshakeable.  It went the distance and lasted until he was no more.

A few years ago, six days after an earthquake hit Haiti, the city was in ruins.  A man named Roger watched as workers maneuvered large machinery to clear the roads of the felled structures in the vicinity where his wife was last seen working at a bank, a bank that was now a pile of rubble.  The likelihood of anyone surviving its collapse was nil.  Despite the odds, he believed his wife was still alive and each time new rubble was cleared he rushed in to look for her.  Someone heard a noise within the rubble.  It was  Jeanette, Roger’s wife.  He and others frantically scraped away large stones to expose a small opening that allowed light to enter the space where she was trapped. Miraculously Jeanette’s voice sounded very strong but it weakened and become tearful when she told Roger, “Even if I die I love you so much.  Don’t forget it.”  He frantically dug but no one had the equipment to help her.  Fortunately firefighters from LA showed up with the right equipment and were able to save her. Husband and wife were reunited.


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