N-Word & Racial Double Standard in Films

The movie industry employs a gross double standard when it comes to race.  It allows white characters to freely assault Black characters with racist bile, but largely gags Blacks from saying anything racially demeaning to or about whites. That’s because the industry honors the feelings and humanity of white viewers and therefore spares them from being a racial target. “Django Unchained” is the rare exception.  Black viewers are subjected to over 100 racist slurs (particularly “n***er) in “Django.”  Blacks are also subjected to excessive racist slurs in a staggering number of films in general, even when these movies are otherwise non-racial.  When race is pertinent, Black characters, and by extension Black viewers, are clobbered with racism as if we’re subhuman.  The degree to which this is permissible is criminal, especially given how fiercely the industry protects white viewers from racial harm.

When Black viewers settle in to watch a movie they risk being racially jarred by the gratuitous racism prevalent in an inordinate number of films.  It often rears its head in unlikely places so it’s tough for Blacks to avoid.  “Hangover II,” released in 2011, is a prime example of that. It’s a movie about the misadventures of four white men in Thailand.  That sounds like a safe film where Black viewers can escape and not be racially stung.  The synopsis gives us the impression it’s a movie that Blacks can peacefully watch and just be entertained like other human beings.  We get comfortable in our seats, we chuckle at various points and then BAM! a white man says “ni***a” two times, song lyrics contain “n***er” twice, an Asian man says “n***er” two times and a man from the Middle East says “n***er” twice.  That’s 8 times Black viewers are racially jolted. This movie takes place in Thailand, no less!  Disturbingly, there are loads of supposedly non-racial films that lob the n-bomb at us as well.  And plenty of these films, made-up largely of  white actors,  devote time to Blacks targeting each other with “n***er.”   These frequent n-bomb scenes appear to be a cinematic way of saying,  “We now pause to denigrate the Black race.” 

Many whites who complain that Blacks are “so sensitive” and “preoccupied” with race would be wise to examine the movie business.  It suffers from a chronic obsession with marginalizing and demeaning the Black race and it inclines millions of viewers to have a Black bias.  It also conditions viewers to regard Blacks as “n***ers.”  That’s just for starters and that’s just one industry.

Filmmakers who use Black slurs excessively attempt to justify this practice by saying the racist language is “authentic” based on the time period and/or story-line. These same filmmakers hamstring Black characters from making “authentic” racially degrading comments about whites.  Evidently, realism has no place in films when it hurts the feelings of white-skinned viewers.  I’m not making a case for abusing whites, however,  I’m making a case for treating Blacks with similar consideration.

Here are a few of the many films that clobber Blacks with excessive slurs.  

Movie                                              # of Black Slurs                           # of White Slurs

Blazing Saddles -1974                   20  Nigger (Mostly)                                    0

Bad Boys II – 2003                         14  Nigga                                                       0

40-Year-Old Virgin – 2005         15  N***a                                                       0

Cotton Club – 1984                        16  N***er                                                       1   Fay

Crash – 2005                                 10  N***er (Mostly)                                     3 Cracker         

Dirty – 2005                                   47  N***er                                                      1 I hate whites

Edmond – 2005                             15  N***er, Coon, Spade, etc.                   0

Jackie Brown – 1997                     38  N***er                                                    0

Mississippi Burning – 1988        21  N***er (Mostly)                                   0

Pulp Fiction – 1994                       14  N***er                                                      0



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Keith Bey on January 2, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Don’t just get upset with Hollywood, but rather with the sell-out “black” actors (Jamie Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, etc.) who decides to take such roles in such movies encouraging the destructive rhetoric, spreading false concepts and assisting the Romans in rewriting (Al Moroccan / American) history.


  2. Posted by Keith Bey on January 2, 2013 at 3:31 am

    Remember, ALL acting roles are voluntary…..


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